Tijl Channel Carrier / 4


* Wire Mesh Cable Tray as standard TS 149 Electro Galvanized ((EG)) is produced. / Wiremesh produce as cable trays 149 are Electro Galvanized ((EG)).

* Customer demand according to TS 914 Hot Dip ((SDR)), AISI 304 stainless ((SS)), are brushed stainless production can be done later. Regarding customers requirement, we can produce as Ts 914 Hot Dip Galvanized ((HDG)), AISI 304 stainless steel ((SS)), polisag to stainless steel.

* Standard length 3000 mm, tonnage quantities of 2000mm - 2500mm which can be done. Standard length is 3000mm, we can produce 2000mm - 2500mm for your big quantities